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I’m a mom, a writer, a good friend, an innovator and I have a passion for community building through social marketing.

My philosophy as it relates to growing an online community… branded or not… centers around conversation. Every trusted relationship begin with an authentic conversation. We believe in responding to each customer that reaches out. Sometimes it’s a customer in need of service. Other times it’s a fan sharing their love of a client's product. Regardless of why they’ve commented- we believe in cultivating a meaningful conversation with them. These conversations create growth within the community and help to build toward the desired goals and (ultimately) results!

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I refuse to refer to myself as a “guru” or any other similar term because it doesn’t feel real or professional. Never mind the fact that I would never be so bold to call myself an expert on the ever-changing industry of social media, when every day something new happens to potentially re-route the path of thought that previously existed.